Phoniatrics and speech therapy outpatient clinic

For speech and swallowing disorders

The Phoniatrics and Speech Therapy Clinic of the University Campus Bio-Medico Hospital is focused on patients affected by voice (spoken or sung) swallowing and language disorders.

The trial is based on a first medical examination. During this examination, the physician evaluates the anamnesis of the patient and assesses its disturb by using instruments such as Fibrolaringoscopy. Moreover, it is possible to directly evaluate swallowing and speaking.

Based on the results of the first phoniatric examination, speech therapy could be recommended for:

  • rehabilitation of dysphonies (voice alterations in surgical outcomes, in functional muscle tensive alterations or in presence of organic alterations of the larynx) by breathing exercises, correct pneumophonic agreement, laryngeal manipulations, specific vocal training and Metodo Raggi® with Pancafit®
  • myofunctional therapy for:
    • orofacial muscle imbalance (in orthodontic and non orthodontic treatment )
    • swallowing disorders
    • obstructive sleep apnea
    • temporal mandibular joint disorders
  • rehabilitation of Eustachian tube dysfunctions
  • therapy for facial paralysis
  • therapy of dysarthria (alteration of language articulation)
  • rehabilitation of dysphagia (post-surgical swallowing disorder, following neurological damage from stroke, degenerative neurological diseases such as Parkinson's and Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
  • rehabilitation of adult language in aphasia and cognitive impairment

Therapy is performed weekly by cycles of 10 or more sessions depending on the request.
At the end of the treatment, the patient will undergo a new phoniatric revaluation.

The activity of phoniatrics and speech therapy is carried out by Dr. Vitaliana Luccarelli, in relation to phoniatrics, and by Dr. Valentina Deidda, in relation to speech therapy. The practice is included in Otorhinolaryngology Unit, directed by Prof. Fabrizio Salvinelli.

Exams and rehabilitation sessions are provided both in the NHS and on a private basis.