The Movement Analysis Laboratory has been founded


The Movement Analysis Laboratory of the University Hospital Foundation, belonging to the UOC of Orthopaedics and Traumatology directed by Prof. Rocco Papalia, was inaugurated on 19th January.
“The predominant activity of the Movement Analysis Laboratory”, explains Prof. Umile Giuseppe Longo, head of the UOC of Sports Traumatology, “is mainly focused on the assessment of patients undergoing shoulder, hip and knee prostheses and knee and shoulder ligament reconstructions”.
The laboratory will be used in the context of clinical research for movement analysis, in order to “provide scientific evidence on the most commonly used therapeutic approaches – conservative or surgical – aimed at restoring the anatomy and biomechanics of the operated joints”, explains Prof. Enzo Denaro, Chief Emeritus of Orthopaedics.

The activities carried out in the movement analysis laboratory require multidisciplinary expertise and will be performed in close synergy between orthopaedic surgeons, clinicians and biomedical engineers.
“The movement analysis is carried out through a state-of-the-art stereophotogrammetric system”, explains Prof. Emiliano Schena, associate professor of Mechanical and Thermal Measurements, “or through wearable systems equipped with commercial sensors or made ad hoc for the application of interest”. These systems make it possible to collect data that, when subsequently processed, are used in complex biomechanical analyses useful for extrapolating the main clinical parameters under study.