Quality and safety for our patients


Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), an independent international organization that ensures compliance with standards of excellence in the health care sector.

UCBM Hospital’s accreditation renewal in 2017 refers to the 5th edition of the JCI Standards Manual. The enforcement of each standard is verified through a number of specifically defined, measurable elements. Accreditation involves the verification of 1,300 elements.

Because UCBM Hospital is a university hospital, the university also had to be accredited, in compliance with specific standards for teaching and research. The university received the Academic Medical Centre Hospital Accreditation.

JCI is called in by hospitals on a voluntary basis to assess their level of compliance with pre-established standards of safety for patients, staff and other persons in the hospital and of quality of health care, both from a medical and infrastructural perspective. Joint Commission International is the largest and most experienced health care accreditation body in the world.

JCI accreditation

International quality and safety certification