Presentation meeting at Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital


The Magnificent Rector Prof. Raffaele Calabro opened the meeting with a cordial welcome in which he illustrated the international activities of the Campus Bio Medico University.

In particular, the Medicine Course in English started three years ago with a significant participation of foreign students from the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

DG Ing. Paolo Sormani presented the University Hospital illustrating in detail operational nationals and international strategies of the specialist care field underlying the great support that comes from the scientific research of the Campus.

Prof. Massimo Maria Caneva, Head of Health and Diplomacy Program, who moderated the event, focused on some issues concerning the education of the new generations and the responsibility of world leaders in fostering a culture of dialogue and solidarity. Health and Diplomacy is very important for the present and future challenges.

The event involved representatives of foreign delegations from the United States, the Russian Federation, the Holy See, Iraq, Belgium, Kosovo, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The “Pandemic Social and Health Impact” was better analyzed in a round table attended by Amb. Renato Varriale General Director of Human Resources of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Prof. Massimo Ciccozzi Professor of Epidemiology at Campus Bio-Medico University and Prof. Giorgio Palù Chairperson of AIFA. At the end of the event, Prof. Vincenzo Denaro for orthopedics, Prof. Giuseppe Tonini for oncology and Prof. Francesco Grigioni for cardiology illustrated the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital specialistic departments activities.