Luca Marinelli wins the “Federica” literary prize


Dr. Luca Marinelli, a doctor in the Radiation Oncology Unit at the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital Foundation, has won first prize in the literary competition Federica – Le parole della vita (Federica – The words of life) for the Tales – Family members of patients and health workers section. The Prize, now in its sixth edition and organised by the AIOM Foundation (Italian Medical Oncology Association) and the Rete Oncologica Pazienti Italia (ROPI – Patient Oncology Network Italy), is dedicated to Federica Troisi, a symbol of the strength and determination of cancer patients who live through the disease with optimism, continuing to live life in the present with a view to the future.

Dr. Marinelli's short story, “The heart only knows how to beat, but sometimes forgets” is the story of a Roman oncologist, Alex, who experiences a 2-hour pre-coma situation during which he sees his mother, whom he had lost at the age of 6 to cancer, and to whom he tells his life story.
The literary Prize developed from the idea conceived by a woman, an oncologist, to make of creative writing a form of therapy for those who have an oncological disease, for their family members and for those who care for and dedicate themselves to them, every day, and to ensure that what one feels when suffering from an oncological illness can be shared and is not perceived as something taboo.