Health and Diplomacy for Peace, promoting Global Health

The message of Prof. Massimo María Caneva, MD, PhD and Head of Health and Diplomacy Program


The mission of the Health and Diplomacy Program of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital is to promote the dignity of the human person through “global health” understood as a service to the international community! Cooperation between Diplomacy and Health means combining “analysis and action” of university research to facilitate and develop through the international relations all the efforts to improve not only the living conditions of the populations but also to spread a true culture of solidarity in the Institutions and International Organizations.

This mission is particularly important today when the drama of numerous conflicts is causing ever more violent divisions and conflicts. Added to the drama of poverty is the defeat of entire generations who are no longer able to build their own future. In a recent appeal by the Secretary General of the United Nations, the international community and the states are asked to unite and collaborate for a common response of peace and hope in the face of a state of grave global disorientation! Health and Diplomacy for Peace intends to support this appeal and help give a response in professional and human terms in the global health sector by promoting greater attention to the collaboration between Diplomacy and Health.