General Del Col visits Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital Foundation

The meeting was part of Health and Diplomacy Program of PUBCM.


Rome, 9 February 2024 – General Stefano Del Col, former Mission and Force Commander fo the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), paid visit to Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital Foundation at the end of January, as part of Health and Diplomacy Program of PUBCM. During his visit, he had an intense meeting with General Manager and CEO Paolo Sormani, and had the chance to note the high quality standards of PUBCM health care, as well as the great advancement in scientific, clinic and translational research. Prof. Massimo María Caneva, Director of the Health and Diplomacy Program, organised the visit.

The Health and Diplomacy Program of Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital Foundation was created with the mission to promote the dignity of the human person through “global health”, understood as a service to the individual and also the international community. Cooperation between diplomacy and health means combining “analysis and action” of research in order to facilitate and develop, through international relations, all efforts to improve not only the living conditions of populations, but also to spread a true culture of solidarity in International Institutions and Organisations.

Focus of the meeting was the importance of global health and security, mainly regarding the unfolding of Middle East crisis, as well as the ones ongoing in Balkans and Eastern Europe. Gen. Del Col visit represented the spirit of valorization of the commitment of PUBCM, through the general strategies of the University Cooperation Programs for global health and security, that build international cooperation to tackle many of the world’s most pressing health challenges.

One of the basic challenges of the 21st Century is assuring international peace and fostering development, in the light of the new world balance. New strategic thinking is required to approach global issues and advance “global public goods”. Therefore international communities must enact a new strategy to intervene in crisis areas and to promote peace, human rights, development and global health, within a strategy based on realistic and effective foreign common policy.