From places to models of care

Palliative care conference


Reflecting on the importance of palliative care and its topical nature.This is the aim of the conference From places to models of care to be held on Friday 1st April 2022 at the Campus Bio-Medico University in Rome. Palliative care, which came about as a response to the needs of oncological patients in the terminal phase of the disease, is now the prerogative of various pathologies, without prognostic limitations and without denying scientific-technological medicine. In addition to the different purposes of palliative care, there are also different places where it is carried out: this is the main theme of the conference, which emphasises the importance of a life worth living until the end both at home and in a hospice, both as primary and specialised care. Alessio D'Amato, Councillor for Health and Socio-Health Integration for the Lazio Region, and Paola Binetti, rapporteur of law 38/2010 regulating access to palliative care and pain therapy, will be guests for the day.

The Palliative Care Centre of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital Foundation “Insieme nella Cura” (Together in Care) was recently launched – it will turn two on 16th April. It provides its services throughout the Lazio region, integrating care activities with teaching and research and giving importance to the most human aspect of care, by combining ethical value with practical and clinical value. Palliative Care provides relief from pain and other symptoms at all stages of the illness, integrating the psychological, social and spiritual aspects of care, considering death as a completely natural process and using a multi-professional and interdisciplinary approach to meet the complex needs of patients and their families.

Doctors, nurses, palliative care specialists, psychologists, socio-medical workers, physiotherapists, social and spiritual assistants and volunteers devote themselves to the weakest group in the population with dedication and passion, to give an even greater value to their lives and to guarantee a care plan built around the individual person, both in home care and in hospice.

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