Fabrizio Spada in Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital


Dr. Fabrizio Spada, Head of Institutional Relations of the European Parliament in Italy visited Campus Bio-MEdico University Hospital on 13 September 2021.

An important moment, which has been committed since the first dramatic moments in dealing with the great emergency of the Covid-19 pandemic. The statement issued by the European Parliament through dr. Spada is very clear: “I am pleased to see that in Rome there is a structure of excellence of this type that certainly ensures high standards of medical care for citizens“.

To welcome the Representative of the European Parliament were present Paolo Sormani, Director General of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital and Prof. Massimo Maria Caneva, Head of the Health and Diplomacy Program. The visit to the new and modern Emergency Department of the University Hospital together with Prof. Lorenzo Sommella, Health Director and Dr. Adolfo Pagnanelli, Director of the Emergency Department  was very important.

The Health and Diplomacy Program of the University Hospital is certainly an important opportunity to promote this new system of collaboration between health and diplomacy and European institutions for the promotion of true “global health”. The University Hospital offers itself to all Italian and international citizens also in the context of your University as a research and training center for the new generations of doctors and nurses.

>> Visit by the Head of the Representation of the European Commussion dott. Antonio Parenti –  March 1st, 2021