Diplomacy for global health and peace

A new meeting of Health and Diplomacy Program was held at Circolo degli Esteri in Rome.


Rome, 24 April 2024 – For the second year running, Health and Diplomacy Program held a meeting on theme Diplomacy for global health and peace at Circolo degli Esteri in Rome last 17 April. The event was hosted by prof. Massimo María Caneva, Director of the Health and Diplomacy Program, and was attended by ambassadors and personnels of international organizations, as well as personalities and professors of FPUCBM.

Cooperation between Diplomacy and Health means combining “analysis and action” of research, in order to facilitate and develop, through international relations, all efforts to improve not only the living conditions of populations, but also to spread a true culture of solidarity in International Institutions and Organizations.

In the Opening Session, after the Welcome of Eng. Michele Urbano, Director of Customer Management FPUCBM, there were the greetings by Ambassador Franco Mistretta of the Diplomatic Club Circolo degli Esteri, the Deputy Head EU Commission Elena Grech and the Minister Cons. Deputy Ambassador of Embassy of Cyprus with the Message of Ambassador Poulides Dean of the Diplomatic Corps to the Holy See.

The second session was about diplomatic and international careers health risks and many FPUCBM professors intervened: prof. Giuseppe Tonini, Director of Medical Oncology, prof. Nicola Petrosillo, Infectious Diseases specialist, prof. Marco Coassin, Director of Ophthalmology, and prof. Gianpaolo Ussia, Director of Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory. Among others, the panel held the speeches of RV. Robin Weatherill, Chaplaincy FPUCBM, and dr. Domenico Giani, President of National of the Misericordie of Italy.