Board of Directors installed


The first Board of Directors of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital Foundation took office this morning. On 1st January, it began full operations by taking over the care branch from the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome.

Chaired by Mr. Carlo Tosti, the Foundation will operate in close collaboration with the University “by creating a virtuous relationship centred on the principle of unity, functional to the pursuit of the same mission entrusted to UCBM and the Foundation by the Promoting Bodies”, as reads the Articles of Association. “In all my managerial experiences, I have always placed teamwork at the centre of my work”, said President Tosti. “I believe that only through teamwork, respecting everyone's roles, can important and lasting goals be achieved”.

Collaboration and synergy are also at the heart of the message from Paolo Sormani, General Manager of the Hospital, whom the new Board of Directors has also appointed Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of the Hospital Foundation. “The challenges that await us are numerous and demanding. At the same time, I am certain that with the contribution of all of you we will once again succeed in overcoming them” he said. “I invite everyone to persevere in the spirit of cooperation and unity, bearing in mind that our work must always be at the service of the patient”.

Finally, the Board of Directors appointed the Board of Management, the Supervisory Board, the Head of Internal Audit and the Data Protection Officer, as well as having approved and announced the organisation chart. Lastly, the Foundation's Board of Statutory Auditors took office.

PHOTO – From left: Dr. Marco Ferlazzo, Dr. Stefano Piccaluga, Dr. Chiara Fiorani, Mr. Carlo Tosti, Mr. Paolo Sormani, Dr. Alessandro Pernigo (Me Fabio Angelini connected remotely and does not appear in the photo). The following are the members of the Board of Auditors: Dr. Stefano Salimei, Dr. Massimo Intersimone, Dr. Alberto Caprari.