Professional Health Care Services Department

The Professional Health Care Services Office has the function of ensuring high levels of care for patients and families who access our services, in accordance with the mission and values defined by the hospital. The Director of DAPS is a member of the hospital Board of Directors, and therefore takes part in its strategic planning and is involved in its decision-making processes.

Health care professionals in the areas of nursing, technical-clinical and rehabilitation services, other patient care and social services professionals and auxiliaries report to the DAPS.

The purpose of DAPS is to ensure that patients receive adequate care in relation to their state of health and care needs, by promoting integration and continuity of care between the hospital and the patient’s local area. In pursuing this aim, DAPS endeavours to achieve optimal use of the available resources, and ensure that the following objectives are achieved:

  • personalization of nursing, technical-medical care and rehabilitation care through the adoption of a personalized care model;
  • taking charge of and proposing pathways of integration between health care services and local social and medical services aimed at the treatment of chronic illnesses and fragile patients;
  • development, promotion and experimentation of new strategies and management models to optimize and enhance the use of human resources reporting to DAPS;
  • professional growth among all members of staff reporting to DAPS, fostering improvement of skills and promoting integration among diverse professional figures within the diagnostic-therapeutic-care pathways;
  • dissemination and implementation of a culture of continuous quality improvement to guarantee the best possible levels of care for patients and their families.