Protected pathway – COVID-19 security measures

Campus Bio-Medico Emergency Room

In case of suspected COVID-19, patients are advised not to go to the emergency room but to contact their general practitioner or call the regional toll-free number 800 118 800. The Campus Bio-Medico Hospital is equipped with a drive-in for nasopharyngeal swabs for suspected COVID or to obtain negative test certificates which are necessary to travel to locations that require it.

Pre-triage and the protected pathway

In order to better manage access and minimise the risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Emergency Room of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital has set up a protected pathway and a series of facilities separate from the general pathway to offer all patients a safe hospital.

All those arriving at the Campus Bio-Medico Emergency Room must pass through a pre-triage – an intermediate passage between the outside and the healthcare facility – whereby any suspected COVID patients are channelled onto a dedicated course which is different and isolated from that of patients without risk characteristics. This allows the flows to be completely separated on arrival.

The protected pathway has waiting areas, 10 places for stretcher or chair stands and 2 places for any positive patients awaiting transfer to another hospital. It is divided into three main areas:

  • pre-triage area for mobile patients, in the area in front of the pedestrian entrance, and in the hot zone for stretchered or non-mobile patients
  • assessment area located in the premises connected to the hot zone where it will be possible to carry out the first diagnostic examination and possibly the nasopharyngeal swab
  • a stationary area where patients can wait for the results of tests performed to identify whether or not it is a COVID-19 case

Accompanying persons

Accompanying persons and relatives are not allowed to stay in the waiting room of the Emergency Room, in compliance with Presidential Decree of 7 August 2020. They may accompany the patient to triage and will only receive additional information and news by telephone to the contact person named at triage.

Specifically, accompanying persons will be contacted when a decision is made to admit, discharge or transfer the patient to another facility, or to provide updates on the patient's status. In the event of a prolonged stay in the Emergency Room, telephone contact will be made in the early afternoon, particularly for patients who are unable to communicate autonomously.