Participate in phase II-IV studies

At Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital intense clinical research activity is devoted to pharmacological studies as well as experiments with modern and innovative medical devices. In the case of pharmacological studies, phase II and III clinical trials refer to studies of drugs before they are marketed, or after they have been made available on the market but are being evaluated for a new therapeutic purpose or for new methods of use (dosage, route of administration etc.).

Phase IV studies are those in which the product is used as indicated in the instruction sheet. These studies are important because they produce very useful information on the efficacy and safety of drugs in the context of day to day clinical practice and in patients in ‘real life' contexts, who often present different characteristics than those previously studied.

The vast majority of the experiments conducted at Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital are phase II and III which deal with innovative therapeutic modalities. The UCBM Research Units are at the forefront in the treatment of important pathologies, and with their specialists participate in many studies in which the most recent treatments are tested.

Participation in a clinical trial offers the opportunity for a patient to access new or the best available treatment options, and to be followed closely. Participation in trials is voluntary. Patients must provide written consent, after having received complete information from the medical researchers about the trial. Patients are informed about the potential benefits and possible risks that the trial involves, possible therapeutic alternatives, As a further guarantee, before beginning, every clinical trial is examined and authorized by the national health authorities and by the Ethics Committees of the hospitals where it is conducted. It is also constantly monitored during its course to ensure that everything is carried out with the utmost correctness and in full respect of patient protection.

Participating in a clinical trial means having the possibility of receiving an innovative and potentially useful treatment while contributing to the progress of science and knowledge useful to human health.

If you are interested in receiving general information or taking part in clinical trials in progress or in preparation at Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital, please contact the technical-scientific secretary of the Ethics Committee.