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The Research Units at Campus Bio-Medico University are at the forefront in the treatment of important pathologies, participating, with their specialists in many studies in which the most modern therapies are tested. The clinical research activity carried out at UCBM Hospital is particularly intense (on average each year 70-80 new intervention studies are undertaken in numerous therapeutic areas). This intense activity is coherent with the university's and the hospital's mission to offer patients the best possible care and therefore also the best possible therapeutic options.

Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital is committed to constant improvement in the quality of research, with the aim of excellence and to giving concrete realization in its centers to the principle of ‘suitability'  as it is laid out  in the European Regulation 536/2014 on clinical trials.

This begins with an internal authorization process involving the main management components of the hospital (Health Management, Pharmacy etc.) to assess local feasibility, ensuring a rapid verification of the possibility for the research units and for the hospital services to conduct the proposed experiments in application of the necessary quality standards. The internal authorization process also benefits from the involvement of the university Ethics Committee.  From a broader perspective, the university aims to establish an organizational model that meets the expectations of quality and speed in the execution of clinical trials, as well as enhancing the role of promoters.

The Research Units at Campus Bio-Medico University have a great interest in and commitment to clinical trials, promoted both by the units themselves and by other national and international institutions, and by the drug and medical device industries. Through clinical trials, the constant improvement of patient care is pursued, thanks on the one hand to the opportunity to use the most innovative therapies, and on the other to the rigorous clinical and procedural methods our health care professionals acquire through their clinical research. In turn, the hospital administration is committed to promoting the quality of research through constant monitoring and the implementation of courses on Good Clinical Practice and on Clinical Research Methodology for specialists who work at the hospital.

For more information on clinical research activity at Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital, contact the technical-scientific secretary of the Ethics Committee.