Vertigo check-up

The vertigo check-up is aimed at understanding the health status of those that suffer from dizziness, tinnitus, instability or episodes of unexplained falls, in order to find the correct treatment. It is designed for people over 60, among whom these episodes are more acute, but it is also advisable for younger people with experience episodes of vertigo, even if rare.

Times and methods

The vertigo check-up takes place over a half-day and offers two different pathways: a specific pathway for over 60s, and one for under 60s. At the end of the check-up, the medical staff will deliver the results.

It includes the following tests:

  • Ear, noise and throat examination for vertigo
  • Tonal audiometry
  • Impedance analysis
  • Clinical vestibular test with targeted manoeuvres
  • Video Head Impulse Test for the study of the vestibular function

Over 60s also undergo a static stabilometry and a cardiac examination with electrocardiogram.

Available on

Available with a booking on fridays. Detailed medical reports and test results are delivered before leaving the facility.

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