Allergy check-up

The allergy check-up is useful for those who do not know that they have allergies and want to understand if they are allergic. It is recommended for those who have suffered with allergy in the past. It is also for those who think they may have allergy, both respiratory or food allergies, but do not know the cause.

Times and methods

The allergy check-up takes place over two half-days. Patch tests will be performed on the first day. On the second day, the results of the patch test will be red, the prick tests will be carried out, as well as an assessment by the medical staff, in which the doctor delivers the results and gives a diagnosis.

It includes the following tests:

  • Food allergy prick test
  • Inhalants allergy prick test
  • Standard series patch test
  • Allergic assessment

Available on

Available with a booking on mondays and thursdays. Detailed medical reports and test results are delivered before leaving the facility.