Company check-up

For the health of their employees

Ensuring a check-up to its employees, as well as a benefit, can be a resource.

The Check-Up Center of Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital in Rome is able to carry out health control pathways modulated according to the needs of each company and the specific prevention protocols provided for its staff. At the same time, it is available to companies wishing to offer this benefit to their employees, but they need medical-scientific advice to identify the desired solution.

Efficiency and professionalism

Ease of contact and availability of a dedicated contact person guarantee fast times and efficient ways of organizing a company Check-Up. The services are performed within a day, at the end of which a detailed report with all the references is given by the referring doctor.

Tax advantages

Tax exemption relating to welfare services makes it possible to transfer the entire value of the service market to the employee, as well as to his family members, without increasing taxes and contributions for himself and for the worker.

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