Histopathological consultancy

Instructions for the patient

Material to be provided

  • Material on which the histopathological or cytopathological report has been based. Depending on each particular case, this may be one or more inclusions in paraffin, prepared and stained histological slides, or slides to be stained. This material should be requested from the healthcare unit in which the diagnostic examination was carried out.
  • Copy of the diagnostic report.

If either of the above items is missing, the evaluation may be incomplete and in some cases the test may not be carried out.

Request for specialist italian NHS Services (Red order form)

The form used by external laboratories to request an analysis must be filled out by an SSN physician with a copy filed in the relevant Outpatient Clinic’s Analysis Request Register. The request should include the words: “Consulto definitivo complesso”

Where to take the form and the sample

Campus Bio-Medico Univeristy Hospital:

a) The red SSN order form should be delivered to the Specimens Reception Counter on the First Underground Level from Monday to Friday, between 8.00 a.m. and 10.00 a.m.

b) Inclusions and/or slides should be delivered to the Pathological Anatomy Laboratory (First Floor, East Wing) together with:

  • a copy of the histological report
  • a photocopy of the red order form (issued by the staff of the Specimens Reception Counter when they are logging in the examination request)

Collecting the report

Reports will be available for collection 15 working days after the request is submitted.
Either the patient or a delegated person can collect the report at the Medical Documentation Archive. At the end of the consultation, the prepared materials that were delivered for analysis can be collected from the Pathological Anatomy Laboratory.