Histological Analysis under the Italian NHS

Instructions for the patient

What you will need to provide

  • A sample in a container clearly identifying your name and address and the site where the sample was taken
  • A doctor’s request. All requests for an histological analysis must be compiled by an SSN doctor (the Italian National Health Service) using the red Request for a Day Care Appointment form and marking it as “ESAME ISTOLOGICO”. The appointment request form must be accompanied by the relevant form setting out the doctor’s details and information about the sample. The doctor must complete all parts of the attached form.

Where to take the form and the sample

a) The SSN appointment request form should be handed to a member of staff at the Receipt of Samples Counter on the Lower Ground Floor opened from Monday to Friday, from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.

b) The sample for analysis should be delivered to the Pathological Anatomy Laboratory on the First Floor (East) of the University Hospital, together with:

  • The form from the doctor showing the details of the sample
  • A photocopy of the SSN prescription (issued by the staff on the Receipt of Samples counter)

Collecting the results

The results will be available 10 working days after the request is made. Either the patient or a delegated person can collect the report at the Medical Documentation Archive.