Internal Medicine


Clinical activity

The Internal Medicine Unit guarantees first-level diagnosis and therapy for patients with acute or critical medical conditions.

The Unit specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of:

  • Cardiovascular and celebratory vascular diseases (arterial hypertension, arrhythmias, ischemic heart disease, acute and chronic heart failure, atherosclerotic artery disease)
  • Infectious diseases (sepsis, pneumonia, urinary tract infection, abscesses and tuberculosis)
  • Respiratory diseases (chronic obstructive bronchitis, asthma, obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome)
  • Metabolic and endocrinological diseases (diabetes, thyroid disease, hyperlipemia)
  • Gastrointestinal diseases (acute and chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, gastritis and peptic ulcer disease, inflammatory bowel diseases, etc.)
  • Kidney diseases (acute and chronic renal failure, hypertensive or diabetic nephropathy, etc.)
  • Osteoarticular diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, mixed connective tissue, etc.)

In collaboration with the Radiation Oncology, it is responsible for assisting patients who have metabolic, renal, cardiac or infectious complications, derived from radio-chemotherapy treatments.

Research fields

  • Prevention of nephropathy (renal failure) caused by radiotherapy therapies
  • Incidence of actinic pneumonias compared to infectious ones in radiotherapy patients
  • Efficacy of anticoagulant therapies in patients with cardiac arrhythmias and for the prognosis of patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Pathological vertebral fractures in patients without a history of osteoporosis

Clinical and research collaboration

  • Association of Hospital Cardiologists (AMCO), Florence
  • Italian Federation of Hospital Internists (FADOI), Milan

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