Participate in phase I studies

Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital is a center for the study of new drugs. Some of these studies, called phase I studies, consist in administering a new drug to healthy volunteers, or to subjects with a disease they want to treat with the new drug.

During phase I studies, the distribution of the drug within the body is analyzed using small blood samples, similar to those taken for a normal medical check-up. Phase I studies are carried out with maximum safety measures. For each new drug, before it can be tested in a phase I study, its tolerability has to have been demonstrated in experimental models, it must have passed a production quality evaluation and must have received authorization for experimentation from the national regulatory authorities. In addition, the drug is administered at very low doses during the study.

Phase I studies at UCBM Hospital are carried out in a welcoming and comfortable facility. They take place in an outpatient clinic or in a dedicated hospitalization unit (Clinical Trial Unit) that meets international standard requirements.

Participants in phase I studies are provided with insurance coverage, monetary compensation for the time given to the study and free medical check-ups. (Participating in a phase I study is an opportunity to check your health for free).

Participants are supervised personally by specialists at UCBM Hospital with specific skills in the study of new drugs. By participating in a phase I study, you can contribute to the progress of science for human health.

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