Cytological examinations of urine

Instructions for the patient

Urine collection

Urine samples must be collected on three consecutive days. Valid days on which to deliver the first sample will therefore be Monday (with the second delivered on Tuesday and the third on Wednesday), on Tuesday (with the second delivered on Wednesday and the third on Thursday), or Wednesday (with the second delivered on Thursday and the third on Friday). Collect the second urine (discarding the first urine) in sterile collection vessels. To avoid degenerative processes, immediately send the collected samples to the laboratory. It is advised that samples be stored in a refrigerator and in any case at a temperature not exceeding 25°C. Alternatively, samples may be collected directly at the Hospital. Please also complete the clinical information form.

Request for specialist SSN Services (Red order form)

The form used to request the analysis must be filled out by an SSN physician with a copy filed in the relevant Outpatient Clinic’s Analysis Request Register. The request should include the words: “CITOLOGIA URINARIA SU TRE CAMPIONI”.

Where to take the form and the sample

a) The red SSN order form for the urine cytology examination should be delivered to the Outpatients Clinic reception desk (First Underground Level) from Monday to Friday, between 8.00 – 10.00 am.

b) The collection vessels should be then delivered to the Pathological Anatomy Laboratory (First Floor, East Wing) together with the photocopy of the red order form (issued by the Staff of the Outpatients Clinic reception desk when logging in the examination request).

If the urine sample was collected at the Hospital, please let the staff on the Specimens Reception Counter know when you hand over the order form.

Collecting the report

Reports will be available for collection 7/10 working days after the request is submitted. Either the patient or a delegated person can collect the report at the Medical Documentation Archive.

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