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The Mafalda Luce Centre for Pervasive Developmental Disorders

The Mafalda Luce Centre provides a carefully planned pathway designed to ensure continuity of care for children and adults with developmental disorders. By integrating early diagnosis with appropriate types of therapy and rehabilitation, the Centre is able not only to improve their quality of life but also provide vital support for their families. Its clinical activities, however, are rooted in a broader strategy which includes the pursuit of synergistic research into these disorders as well as the delivery of both specialist and refresher courses for professionals working in the field. The building of the Centre, which is based in Milan, has been made possible thanks to generous funding from the Fondazione Gaetano e Mafalda Luce. Its medico-scientific activities are coordinated by the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic here at the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital under the leadership of Professor Antonio Persico.

Therapies Offered

The Mafalda Luce Centre treats children, adolescents and adults diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorders and other syndromes or pathologies associated with cognitive disorders, problematic social, language and communication skills, psychotic disorders, as well as many other behavioural or personality disorders (main disorders treated).


The Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Outpatient Department rehabilitation programmes adopt various approaches, including individual and group psychotherapy sessions and speech therapy, all of which are held on an outpatient basis. Depending on the case in question, the use of drugs might also be considered. But because we see our patients at regular intervals, we are able to make sure that their particular treatment strategy is working effectively for them and that they are receiving the ongoing care they need from our medical, psychodiagnostic and rehabilitation teams.


The Mafalda Luce Centre is currently awaiting formal accreditation by the Regione Lombardia. As soon as this is received the Centre will be able to treat patients referred by the Italian National Health Service, but in the meantime, it is already delivering health services to private patients.

Semi-Residential and Family Support Centre

The Mafalda Luce Centre was set up to provide people in need of care and their families with a steadfast point of reference that is capable of ensuring the therapies provided are as effective as possible. But it also has another aim, and that is to leaven the purely medical therapies it offers with acitivities and opportunities to socialise that will hopefully in turn fulfil two primary purposes. The first is to stop doctor’s appointments and rehabilitation sessions becoming merely isolated events in the day-to-day lives of those we are helping, and the second is to simply “be there” for their families through the creation of a support network.


With this in mind, is opened a Semi-Residential Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Day Centre on the same site. Accredited by the Regione Lombardia, it is run by the Fondazione Renato Piatti Onlus. This new facility provide users to share lots of everyday activities within a structured environment, which in turn help improve the effectiveness of the therapy they are receiving.


The Mafalda Luce Centre is also the Lombardy headquarters of the Associazione Nazionale Genitori Soggetti Autistici (ANGSA Lombardy ONLUS), which itself provides invaluable psychological support for the families of people with autism.


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