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The Osteoncology Centre

The Osteoncology Centre of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital takes care of oncological patients who have deformations of the bone structure caused by secondary tumors (bone metastasis) or as a result of antineoplastic drug treatments (hormonal therapy and chemotherapy).


A multidisciplinary approach allows the patient to have a facilitated diagnostic-therapeutic procedure. At the Centre, covered by the Italian National Health Service, it is possible carry out first visits or check-ups, also for the monitoring of therapies.


The Centre, recognized as a structure of excellence by the Italian Society of Osteoncology, pertains to the Unit of Medical Oncology. The person in charge of the activity is Prof. Daniele Santini. The medical team is composed of oncologist Dr. Francesco Pantano, orthopedic Dr. Alberto Di Martino and physiatrists, Professor Silvia Sterzi and Dr. Mirella Maselli. The Centre also collaborates with the Unit Radiotherapy. Moreover, there are other specialists, involved as required in each individual case, and three nurses, Giannetti Barbara, Nocerino Luisanna and Gjetaj Riviera.


Timetable: Tuesday, 15:00 - 18:00 hrs







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