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Centre of Phlebology

The Centre of Phlebology at the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of pathologies of the peripheral blood and lymph vessels.


The activities of the Centre of Phlebology begin from the first visit, during which you can perform diagnostic tests such as vascular echo-color-doppler or photoplethysmography, obtain sclerotherapy treatment, and ultimately, minimally invasive surgical intervention with Phlebology techniques.


Integration with other specialist areas and attention to the relationship between the doctor and the patient (including his or her family) are among the key characteristics of the Centre of Phlebology.


Particular emphasis is devoted to the treatment and prevention of ulcers and vascular lymphedema, through a clinic where they provide a combined treatment of advanced medication and vascular compression bandages.


The diseases treated at the Centre of Phlebology are:

All services are outpatient procedures conducted at the hospital or clinic and are without the need for hospitalization. The Center provides the services under the NHS and private sectors.


Head of the Centre of Phlebology, which is related to the Vascular Surgery Unit, is Doctor Leo Moro. The Centre collaborates with the Units Cardiology, Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Diagnostic Imaging e Orthopedics.

Areas of Research

  • Endothelial dysfunction and ischemic preconditioning in peripheral obliterative arterial disease
  • Micro-surgical techniques for the correction of hemodynamics of chronic venous insufficiency
  • Foam sclerotherapy techniques
  • Techniques of elastic compression and advanced wound dressings 


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