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Breast Unit

The Breast Unit at University Hospital Campus Bio-Medico exists to cure, and offer assistance with, breast cancer. Since 2016, it has been designated by Regione Lazio as a center of reference for the diagnosis and treatment of breast tumors. The unit allows women to face this pathology in the serenity of knowing they are in the care of a team of dedicated specialists, are treated to the highest European standards and are never left unattended during the entire course of their illness.


Patients are referred to the Breast Unit from screening centers across the region by GPs, radiologists, gynecologists and oncologists. Moreover, it is possible to access the center via the University Hospital’s Surgery service (Breast examinations – diagnostics for images and screening programs for younger women and high-risk patients).


Of special note, is the Walk-in Breast Care Clinic at the University Hospital, which patients with suspected breast cancer can access without a referral from their GP for a breast examination and without a booking. The service is open Monday morning from 07:30 to 10:30. Examinations (ultrasound, mammography and Fine-needle aspiration (FNA)) are carried out in the same session so that patients have a clear diagnosis in 24 hours.


The Breast Unit is led by Prof. Vittorio Altomare the doctor responsible for the Senology Unit, who has at his disposal a team of specialists coving different areas.


  • Case Manager: Dr. Giulia Cavatassi
  • Senology: Dr. Rita Carino, Dr. Antonella Grasso and Dr. Angelo Primavera
  • Oncology: Prof. Giuseppe Tonini, Dr. Annalisa La Cesa and Dr. Francesco Pantano
  • Image Diagnostics: Dr. Matteo Sammarra
  • Radiation Oncology: Dr. Edy Ippolito, Dr. Sonia Silipigni
  • Anatomic Pathology: Prof. Carla Rabbitti
  • Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery: Dr. Barbara Cagli
  • Clinical Psychology: Dr. Livia Quintiliani
  • Social Service Assistance: Dr. Silvia Cossa

Treatments in use

Regular treatments are both adjuvant and neo-adjuvant, using biological hormone based pharmaceuticals and chemotherapy as recommend by international guidelines. Moreover, the Breast Unit is involved in carrying out trails for new active pharmaceutical ingredient (APIs) developed for mammary pathologies.  


The Radiation Oncology Unit at the University Hospital carries out whole breast treatments - WBRT and partial breast irradiation – PBI. For complex cases, 3D technics are applied like Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy - IMRT and Vesicular Monoamine Transporter - VMAT. For treatment of damaged breasts, it is possible to carry out radiotherapy with the Deep Inspiration Breath Hold Technique - DIBH so protecting cardiac structure. Moreover, with macrosomic breasts it is possible to treat the patients lying down. Radiotherapy is also available at the Radiotherapy Center in via Emilio Longoni, 47.


The Breast Unit is also equipped to carry out the Prosigna Breast Cancer Prognostic Gene Signature Assay to define the most appropriate regular treatment. 


Tel: +39 06.22541.1633
Fax: +39 06.22541.1935
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