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Following surgery for the removal of breast cancer, the oncologist evaluates the opportunity to submit the patient for chemotherapy. This assessment is normally done on the basis of clinical/pathological factors (lymph node status, tumor size and grade, patient's age, etc.) and immunohistochemical factors (markers of cell proliferation, expression of hormone receptors, etc.).


The Prosigna™ kit provides prognostic indicators and additional information for the oncologist and is useful to identify cases in which chemotherapy can be avoided. Prosigna™ is the only test performed on the national level, which therefore precludes sending samples abroad. It makes use of the analysis of gene expression to identify patients with tumors with low probability of recurrence within 10 years after surgery. In this way, it provides additional information to the clinical/pathological and immunohistochemical factors useful to the physician to identify patients who may avoid chemotherapy following surgery and provide personalized treatment options. The study NEMESI (BMC Cancer, 2012), conducted by Italian researchers, has shown that chemotherapy, along with its side effects, could be avoided in 25% of cases.




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