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"VoiNoi" Counseling Centre

The "VoiNoi" Counseling Centre is designed to help people called upon to look after someone who is ill for a lengthy period of time, during their hospitalisation or after their discharge from hospital.  People called upon in this capacity (care givers) may find they need to reorganise their own day-to-day lives or that they also need help as they find themselves in completely new territory. In prolonged situations of stress or emotional upset, care givers may realise that they too need to rely on experts with whom they can share their problems.


The Psychological Support Unit at the “VoiNoi” Counseling Centre has been designed to directly support care givers and families who find themselves psychologically and physically distressed as a result of having to assist the patient.


Two psychologists, both experienced counsellors, are on hand to work with care givers to help them analyse the specific nature of the commitments they have taken on, the levels of stress that commitment involves, their own quality of life and the quality of their relationship with the person requiring care.  In order to organise a counselling strategy and to assess how effective that strategy is over time, the psychologists carry out specific examinations at both the beginning and the end of the support period.


The “VoiNoi” Counseling Centre offers training courses organised by the Nursing Directory with a view to sharing specific skills in the fields of social and health care.
 The courses are specially designed for care givers, members of the patient’s family, volunteers, doctors, nurses, social workers and psychologists. They look at the primary needs of the individual and on supporting the day-to-day activities of patients and their families. They also look at the relationship between the patient’s family and health workers, consistent with the fundamental (even from a social point of view) role played by the home in assisting persons who are in need of care.


The Centre collaborates with the Hospital Social Care Unit that acts as a bridge between the hospital and local services.

The team

The head of the ‘VoiNoi' Counseling Centre is Professor Daniela Tartaglini, Director of Nursing Services at the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital.


The following personnel are also based at the Centre:

  • Dr. Silveria Di Santo, operations co-ordinator
  • Dr. Antonella Sisto, psychologists - psychotherapist
  • Dr. Flavia Vicinanza, psychologists - psychotherapist
  • Dr. Ilaria Quaglia, professional nurse
  • Dr. Emanuela Signori, trainee familiar consuelor
  • Specifically trained volunteers

The “VoiNoi” Listening Centre at the 
Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital

Via Álvaro del Portillo, 200 – 00128 - Trigoria, Rome, Italy


Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital

Tel. (+39) 06.22541.9320  |  Opening hours
: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 08:00 - 16:00 hrs


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