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Hospital Committees

Committee for the Good Use of Blood (CO-BUS)

This Committee has responsibility for drawing up guidelines and operating protocols to ensure the good use of blood in terms of appropriateness, efficacy, patient safety and savings of resources. It fulfils an information and training role for health workers, promotes knowledge of the current legislation concerning the use of blood and the informed consent of recipients required in relation to blood transfusions and other procedures utilised at our hospital (auto-transfusions, peri-operative transfusions, etc.).


Chair: Prof. Giuseppe Avvisati

Hospital Infections Monitoring Committee (CIO)

Develops strategies for the prevention and control of the risks associated with hospital-acquired infections to patients, health workers and other persons at the University Hospital. Also responsible for updating guidelines concerning peri-operative antibiotic prophylaxis, antibiotic therapy and the correct treatment of infectious diseases on hospital wards.


Chair: Prof. Giordano Dicuonzo

Committee on the Good Use of Medicines and Hospital Formulary

This is the advisory body of the University Hospital.  Its role is to study the active ingredients of medicines and the functioning of medical devices, then issuing recommendations on their most appropriate use. It facilitates access to the most appropriate drugs and other medical supplies, assessing their efficacy, quality and costs.


Chair: Dr. Domenica Tassielli

Committee for the Selection and Good Use of Supplies and Supplies Formulary

This is the advisory body of the University Hospital whose primary task is to study the functioning of medical devices. It facilitates access to the most appropriate devices and assesses their efficacy, quality and costs.


Chair: Dr. Domenica Tassielli

Committee for the Good Use of Operating Theatres

This advisory body to the University Hospital Board puts forward protocols and procedures to ensure that the clinical governance of operating theatres is able to draw on the expertise of various clinical departments, such protocols and procedures subsequently being formalised in shared documents. These documents constitute guidelines which, whilst they have no binding (regulatory) force, are nonetheless available for consultation by all staff in the operating theatre. The Committee also plays a monitoring role.


Chair: Prof. Rossana Alloni

Radiation protection Committee

Chair: Dr. Massimiliano Vitali



Information on Hospital Committees: (+39) 06.22541.1049 /.1482/ .1458  | 

Ethics Committee

This committee safeguards and promotes respect for human life from conception to death, based on the Human Rights Charter, the recommendations of international organizations, in accordance with standard medical ethics, the Helsinki Declaration and guidelines on Good Clinical Practice. Its role is to assess, approve and monitor clinical trial protocols, train investigators, report back and advise. The committee is made up of independent experts working in various areas of biomedical research, health care and patient protection.


Chair: Prof. Claudio Buoni


Contacts: Secretary to the Ethics Committee

Tel.: (+39) 06.22541.9074 – Fax: (+39) 06.22541.1920


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