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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit


The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit helps patients to recover motor autonomy lost as a result of invalidating pathologies. The disabilities treated may be ascribed to osteoarticular pathologies (artosis, osteoporisis), nervous system pathologies (stroke, Parkinson's disesase, neuropathies, and respiratory or cardiocirculatory systems pathologies.


The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit also coordinates posture and movement courses.


It operates:

  • A Post-Acute Intensive Rehabilitation Ward (Italian NHS and private clients)
  • Clinic dealing with Diseases of the Osteo-Articular Apparatus and Nervous System
  • Clinic dealing with Prescription Orthotics, Prosthetics and other Aids
  • Specialist Oncology, Lymphodoema, Mesotherapy, and Osteoporosis Rehabilitation Clinic
  • Falls Risk Assessment and Balance Training facility (Biodex System)
  • Motion analysis assessment facilities (BTS Smart System)
  • Kinematic respiratory assessment facilities (OEP)
  • Surface electromyography facilities

Treatments offered:

  • Sports rehabilitation
  • Manual lymph drainage bandaging
  • Kinesiological taping
  • Massotherapy (therapeutic use of massaging)
  • Instrumental physical therapy


In collaboration with the Campus Bio-Medico University’s biomedical engineers, the Department has carried out several research programmes in the field of:

  • Gait Analysis for patients with hemiparesis to assess for and prescribe orthoses
  • Robotic rehabilitation in patients with hemiparesis
  • Study of the kinematics of the rib cage with optoelectronic plethysmography in patients with lung cancer, COPD or who have had a stroke
  • Study of prototype lower limb orthoses for use by hemiplegic patients.


  • Burke Hospital, New York, USA
  • Italian Research Hospital, San Raffaele-Pisana Foundation, Rome
  • University Polyclinic Agostino Gemelli, Rome
  • Santa Lucia Foundation - IRCCS, Rome


Tel.: (+39) 06.22541.624 |


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