Anatomic Pathology Unit


The Anatomic Pathology Unit undertakes histopathological and cytopathological examinations supported by immuno-histochemical, ultra-structural and molecular analyses. It also collaborates with General Practitioners to evaluate the patient’s prognosis and choose the best therapy. The Anatomical Pathology and Histology and Cytodiagnosis sevice of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital performs:

Clinical-diagnostic activities are carried out by senior medical officers specialised in one or more areas of pathology, with particular interests in renal and pancreatic pathology. The Unit also offers diagnostic support services through:

  • its histology and cytology laboratory
  • histochemical staining laboratory
  • immunohistochemical laboratory for:
    • direct and indirect immunofluorescence examinations
    • typing lymphoproliferative disorders
    • typing neoplasias
    • evaluating immunohistochemical prognostic factors
    • evaluating the cellular proliferation index (immunohistochemical method with Ki-67 [MIB-1 clone] antibody)
    • evaluating the hyperexpression of the product of the proto-oncogene HER-2/neu
    • detecting certain viral antigens
  • an electron microscope laboratory (ultra-structural examinations)
  • a molecular biology laboratory for:

Turnaround time (TAT), the time needed before reports are made available, is of primary and elementary importance since it directly or indirectly affects all of the organisational processes of the various departments, quality standards, safety, and ultimately ongoing improvements in healthcare.


For every type of examination, it is anticipated that a certain length of time will elapse between when the sample is received and when the report is issued. This TAT is counted in working days, excluding public holidays.


There are three categories of histological examination:
1)  Rapid: for biopsy material (e.g. gastric biopsies)
2)  Normal: for material from minor surgical operations (e.g. cutaneous excisions)
3) Prolonged: for material from complex surgical operations which require prolonged preparation times due to fixation or other technical procedures (decalcification, immunohistochemistry, particular staining).
Autopsies, clinical cytology, PAP tests, intra-operative examinations, consultations and special techniques are considered separately and each has its own specific turnaround time.


The services are available at a set cost both under the SSN and privately (and also for private entities and outpatient clinics). Appointments can be booked from Monday to Friday between 7.30 a.m and 9.30 a.m via the Laboratory Analysis Reception Unit of the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital. In particular cases, the Unit is also able to consult with Italian and international medical experts in accredited external healthcare structures.


Request for an external consultation regarding histo-cytopathological material prepared by us


  • Neoplastic disease of the ampullary region: morphological aspects and immunophenotyping, pathogenesis, molecular bases and therapeutic implications.
  • Neoplastic breast disease: morphological and molecular characterization of intraepithelial lesions through the development of innovative medical and surgical therapies; new markers to predict neoplastic spread in the sentinel lymph node; identification and characterization of breast stem cells and their role in carcinogenesis
  • Neoplastic disease of the prostate: morphological, immunophenotyping and molecular study of new markers of tumour aggressiveness
  • Profibrotic mechanisms in chronic human liver diseases
  • Role of podocytes in nephrotic syndrome: biological behaviour of podocytes in the mouse knockout model for podocin


  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard University, Boston (USA)
  • INSERM U574, Hôpital Necker, Paris (France)
  • Bambino Gesù Hospital, Rome


Tel.: (+39) 06.22541.1151 | Fax: (+39) 06.22541.1157 |


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