Medical Oncology Unit


The multi-speciality Unit of Medical Oncology deals with the diagnosis and therapy of solid tumours (ie, all tumours except those deriving from hematopoietic cells). It includes not only the single-speciality Oncological Day Surgery led by Professor Daniele Santini at the Campus Bio-Medicale University Hospital. It provides chemo- and immunotherapy services.


Within the Unit operates the Centre of osteoncology for the diagnosis and treatment of bone metastases. Furthermore, the Unit has Specialist Integrated outpatient clinics that deal with:

  • Hepatic-Oncology: for the diagnosis and treatment of primary and secondary tumours of the liver, in collaboration with the Hepatology and the Diagnostic Imaging Units.
  • Uro-Oncology: for the diagnosis and treatment of primary tumours of the uro-genital system, in collaboration with the Units of Urology, Diagnostic Imaging, and General Surgery.
  • Breast-Oncology: for the diagnosis and treatment of breast tumors, in collaboration with the Breast Care Unit.

As part of the National Rare Tumour Network, the Unit is also able, during the clinical application phase, to implement innovative therapeutic pathways still under experimentation.


  • Molecular mechanisms correlated with tumour progression
  • The role of bisphosphonates and other target molecules in the treatment of bone metastases
  • Prognostic and predictive molecular factors in gastrointestinal neoplasias and pancreatic tumours
  • Prognostic and predictive molecular factors in sarcomas
  • Predictive molecular and other factors, in response to monoclonal antibodies and biological therapies


  • Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam (Nederlands)
  • Inserm, Lione (France)
  • Tumour National Institute, Milan (Italy)
  • Institute of General Pathology, La Sapienza University of Rome
  • Medical School, Harvard University, Boston, USA
  • Medical School, Stanford University, USA
  • Medical School, Yale University, New Haven, USA
  • Second University of Naples
  • University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
  • University of Palermo
  • University of Siena
  • University of Turin-Orbassano
  • University of Vienna, Austria
  • University of Sheffield and Royal Marsdem, United Kingdom


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