Otolaryngology Unit


The Otolaryngology Unit treats all diseases of the ear, nose and throat, the larynx, hypopharynx, salivary glands and other related structures of the head and neck. It specialises in particular in aiding the conservation and recovery of hearing in patients who are partially or totally deaf.


Other areas of excellence include skull base surgery, otoneurological surgery, surgery for treating vertigo due to ear disease, micro-endoscopic surgery for adenoma of the pituitary gland, and minimally-invasive oncologic surgery for tumors of the head, neck and salivary glands.


It offers laser and radiofrequency treatments for obstructive sleep apnea on a day hospital basis. It also uses lasers to combat laryngeal disease, adopting microsurgical and endoscopic techniques to ensure the intervention is as minimally invasive as possible.


In its outpatient clinics, the Unit utilises video-endoscopic and microscopic techniques and the most advanced audio-vestibular instruments for diagnosis and early treatment. After patients have undergone surgery, the Unit arranges speech therapy sessions to help them regain the ability to modulate their voices.


It also operates the following specialist outpatient clinics:

  • Phoniatrics and Speech and language Therapy
  • Audiology (diagnosis and medical treatment of ear pathologies)
  • Vestibular disorders (diagnosis and medical treatment for dizziness, rehabilitation of function and balance).

The magazine The International On-line Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and Neurosurgery was co-founded by Professor La Cruz of the House Ear Institute, Los Angeles and the Director of our own Otolaryngology Department, Professor Fabrizio Salvinelli.


  • Cochlear implants and Acoustic prostheses
  • Use of video-rhinohygrometers to measure nasal airflow in children and adults
  • Beeswax cones for the treatment of chronic secretory middle ear infections in children and adults
  • Neurohelper for air neuromuscular monitoring
  • Multigenic kits for the diagnosis of congenital deafness
  • Audiological and neurocognitive patterns in patients with sleep apnoea
  • The role of biofilm in chronic tonsillitis


  • Ear Nose and Throat Department, New York University, USA
  • House Ear Institute, Los Angeles, USA
  • Orthophonology Institute, Rome


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