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International patients

The Campus Bio-Medico welcomes patients from all over the world.

Why choose us

First University Hospital of the Italian Capital city accredited by the Joint Commission International, the independent organization that certifies adherence to standards of excellence in health care, the Campus Bio-Medico of Rome combines experience in the medical innovation. The hospital is home to the Faculty of Medicine, University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome and develops next to Polo for Advanced Research in Biomedicine and Bioengineering. Clinical activity and research are integrated into a unified project of teaching hospital, careful training of operators and open interdisciplinary.


Equipped with the latest technologies, it offers excellence in orthopedics, otolaryngology, surgery, neurology,chirurgia_ip oncology and urology. The Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital has 31 Clinical Departments, 4 centers dedicated (headaches, phlebology, radiotherapy, osteoncologia) and a center specializing in the prevention, Check-Up Campus. It includes outpatient services, day hospital and day surgery and operating rooms with the appropriate technologies to minimally invasive surgery.



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Care for the patient

The Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital is located in the south of Rome, in a large green area surrounded by the Nature Reserve of Decima Malafede. Easily accessible from the airports of Fiumicino and Ciampino  has a modern and welcoming. Materials and furnishings offer high levels of comfort. All single room has a bath. Each department has a suite. Additional services and a dedicated ward are available to private patients.


carassitiParticular attention is paid to the individual situation of the patient and staff. A fundamental characteristic of care we offer is a friendly and clean hospital in modern surroundings. Each patient has their own doctor and nurse. In particular, the referring physician also helps to coordinate the interdisciplinary skills that may be required for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

















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