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"Breath for Life"

The Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital’s “Breath for Life” campaign offers all smokers aged 55 and above an opportunity to have a free check on the state of health of their lungs by means of low-dose spiral computed tomography ("spiral CT") screening.


The examination lasts for 6 seconds and the results will be available later the same day when they can be discussed during a free consultation with a specialist in thoracic surgery.


Only recently introduced, spiral CT scans are used for the early detection of pulmonary tumours. Years of research in Italy and the United States have shown the possibility of this examination being capable of identifying neoplastic formations that are even less than five millimetres in size which can then be easily removed in a radical yet highly conservative manner.


From October 2014 to June 2015 and from September 2015 to December the 17th 2015, the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital will carry out 28 low-dose spiral CT scans each week.


The “Breath for Life” campaign is possible thanks to free activity of lots of Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital doctors and to donors.



Who could benefit

The “Breath for Life” campaign is aimed at regular male and female smokers who are aged 55 - 75 and above (at least 15 cigarettes a day) or smokers who have stopped smoking within the past 10 years. These are the very people who are most exposed to the risk of lung cancer, as are those faced with such risk factors as:

  • actual or potential exposure to carcinogens that attack the lungs (asbestos, radiation, beryllium, hydrocarbons, etc.)

  • persons diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Bronco-Pneumopathy (COBP)

A spiral CT scan can even be carried out on patients fitted with pacemakers or internal defibrillators. However, scans cannot be performed on anyone undergoing oxygen therapy or who has been diagnosed with cancer during the past five years (except non-melanoma skin cancer, cancer of the cervix in situ and localised prostate cancer).

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