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The Hospital Facility

The Hospital is located within a large green open space at the heart of the university campus. Fabrics and furnishings have been carefully chosen with a view to minimising the impact of being in a hospital on patient and visitor alike and to provide high levels of comfort. The architecture blends in harmoniously with the natural environment. The parking areas, the built facilities and the service access areas for materials and equipment are covered with plants that create a living roof such that the perimeter walls of the building are lush and verdant and each room has a pleasant view.


Daylight floods every area of the hospital, while a modern ventilation system has been installed to provide a pleasant temperature and a totally odour-free atmosphere. The internal spaces have been designed and finished in calming colours and indirect artificial lighting has been installed to create an agreeable atmosphere even in the evenings after the sun has set. The furnishings meet the design criteria applied consistently throughout the facility. The large lobby area has a restaurant, shops and a bank.


The upper floors are accessed rapidly by means of lifts and escalators, with helpful signage in both Italian and English and carefully-planned routes designed not only to help visitors find the area they are looking for quickly and easily, but also to move materials and equipment from one area to another.


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