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The Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital is Accredited by JCI

The Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), an independent international organization which evaluates excellence within health care facilities.


JCI was established in 1994 as a division of the American no-profit organization The Joint Commission. On a voluntary basis, health care organizations may request an evaluation by the JCI to assess their compliance with respect to the pre-determined standards that guarantee patient safety and a high quality in patient care, both at a clinical and infrastructural level. JCI is the largest and most experienced healthcare accreditation agency in the world.


Why seek accreditation

JCI accreditation certifies a health care organization’s mission to guarantee safety within its structure, to continuously improve the quality of patient care, and to reduce any possible risks by working towards enhancing patient and personnel safety.

The gold seal, the symbol of accreditation, crowns the effort that the Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital has undertaken in its pursuit of quality, and the responsibility it has shouldered to continuously maintain the highest levels of quality and safety required by JCI standards.


JCI standards

The standards established by the Joint Commission International are objectives required to improve patient safety and the quality of patient care. They are listed in a manual which is periodically published by JCI. In every publication new standards are added and existing standards upgraded. All the health care facilities which have been accredited must comply with these standards to maintain accreditation.


A subcommittee for International Standards, composed of 12 experts from all over the world, chosen among doctors, nurses, managers and experts in public policy, is responsible for reviewing the standards and renewing them.


The Campus Bio-Medico was awarded its accreditation in accordance with the 333 standards set out in the fourth edition of the JCI manual. These are divided into two sections: those regarding the patient and those regarding the management of the healthcare facility. The implementation of every standard is verified by ‘measurable indicators’, there are over 1,300 in all. As it is a University Hospital, the Campus Bio-Medico had to fulfill additional standards specific to didactic and research activities, and was awarded the Academic Medical Center Hospital Accreditation.


The standards which regard patients are:  patient safety measures, accessibility to healthcare and the continuity of healthcare, the rights and education of the patient and family members, the evaluation and care of the patient, anesthetic and surgical assistance, the management and use of pharmaceuticals, especially those at high-risk.


The standards which regard the organization and management of the healthcare structure are: the upgrade of quality and patient safety, the prevention and control of infections, the organization, intended as Governing body, Leadership and Management, management of the infrastructures, the qualifications and training of personnel and the management of communication and information.


The Survey

The survey is the final exam by the Joint Commission International. The Joint Commission International main branch in Chicago assigns a group of expert evaluators,  which  includes at least a doctor, a nurse and an expert in administration, to ascertain that all standards have been met and  to verify the ‘measurable elements’ point by point. A vote is assigned to each (objective achieved, not achieved, or partially achieved). On the basis of the measurable elements achieved, the evaluators then calculate the standards which have been obtained and send the results and a report to Chicago, where the JCI Accreditation Committee releases a final verdict: Accreditation, or Accreditation denied.


During the survey, the evaluators are free to visit the entire healthcare facility and interview healthcare operators or patients. They are also free to examine the procedure for accessing the structure, from admission to dismissal of the patient, and to review documents, procedures and the guidelines adopted with regard to clinical practice. Furthermore, infrastructure safety and the management of pharmaceuticals are inspected. They are assisted by a translator throughout their visit, as all interviewees are expected to speak in their mother tongue.


Maintaining accreditation

The JCI gold seal must be maintained through a triennial survey and with the utmost care to prevent adverse events that may otherwise lead to further verification by the evaluators, which could possibly, on such an occasion, verify the failure to adhere to standards.



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